Bulgarian Bites

It’s been about 2 full years of not writing here on my blog. And now it’s our blog, I welcome my partner in crime Alok to Spicetripping. He is an amazing cook and a travel enthusiast too. We will talk plenty about our food, kitchen, cooking and travel adventures here 😊

Even though Spicetripping was MIA here on the blog, we were very active on Facebook and Instagram. We also have our own YouTube channel. Please go subscribe, give us a thumbs up and like our work!

This Easter we were in this beautiful Balkan country BULGARIA. We spent 4 days, exploring the capital city Sofia, Plovdiv and the beautiful Rila Monastery. In our next segment about Bulgarian travel, we will talk about each of these cities in detail and also on some travel recommendations.

Today we will just stick to Food, shall we?

We were already exhausted from our first walking tour of Sofia city, until someone mentioned FOOD TOUR!! We were elated and our stomach was jumping with joy!! We also happened to meet two of our very good friends, who were also traveling Bulgaria for Easter. So 4 friends and foodies got together and did another walking tour but this time not just to see around but to eat!

We highly recommend you all to check out Balkan Bites. It is first ever FOOD TOUR in the world which is for FREE!!! These guys have designed the tour beautifully and explain you all about Balkan food culture, food history and important events etc whilst sampling some amazing food.

Our group visited 4 restaurants in the city center. We also ended up having dinner at one of the places in the evening that day!

Here we have..
Restaurant 1: BagriΒ 

Here we sampled Walnut cookies with Bulgarian Yogurt and pickled cucumbers. Specific for spring season. Bagri believes in slow food concept and strictly uses seasonal and local produce.

Restaurant 2: LavandaΒ 

Here we sampled crispy Bulgarian bread with zucchini wrapped in goat’s cheese and meringue stuffed with lavender (we personally loved this flavor). After France, Bulgaria apparently produces the most Lavender for Europe.

Each room in this restaurant has a theme and it is basically an old apartment building which also takes the credit for having the first elevator in Sofia.


Restaurant 3: Mekitsa and Coffee

Bulgarians love their breakfast. It is usually deep fried pastry Banitsa or deep fried doughnuts Mekitsa (similar to Hungarian langos) topped with powdered sugar or jam. In this restaurant we sampled Mekitsa with powdered sugar.

Restaurant 4: The Hadjidragana tavern

Traditional Bulgarian treat!! We loved this place so much that we went there for dinner and stuffed our belly’s so much that we couldn’t walk later πŸ˜‚Β I will talk about what we ate for dinner in our next travel segment.
Here we sampled Bulgarian dips or relishes
Katak (Traditional fermented yogurt dip), Kiopoulu (relish with roasted aubergine) and Snezhanka (bulgarian yogurt and cucumber) with some yum wormwood wine called Vin PelinΒ 

I will not write more about the Balkan Bites food tour only because I want each and every one of you to experience this when you go to Sofia. And for those of you who have been to Sofia and did this tour, would love to hear your experience! πŸ™‚

We will be back with our next segment on Bulgarian travel, cities and what did we shop in our next post! Until then we wish you all a nice weekend!

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