Nizwa, Oman

We did a poll on Facebook for our readers, to pick a place on which they would like to know more about. The poll was between Barcelona in Spain and Nizwa in Oman. I personally expected Barcelona to win but surprisingly we got requests to write about Nizwa ✨

Oman as a travel destination has come to light only recently. Not many know how beautiful this country is and in our next couple of travel series we will write about this middle eastern pearl 😍

This post is dedicated to one of the oldest city and the capital of Oman before Muscat – NIZWA

Nizwa is one of the oldest city of Oman and it was the center for trade, culture and education. Situated at the base of Hajar Mountains, this city has still kept it’s old world charm! Nizwa is also the center of date palm agriculture and boasts a large marketplace even till date.

Nizwa is about 170 kms from the capital city of Muscat and can be an ideal destination for a day trip πŸ™‚

Here is our top suggestions to have a perfect day trip!

Best season to travel to Nizwa and Oman in general is between October to February. This is also the best time for Desert stay and safari. From Muscat, hire a car for a day trip. It is about an hour and a half drive without traffic. You would get this beautiful mountain view on your journey.

Start with shopping at Nizwa Souq. This old traditional market dates back to when the civilization started in Oman. Traders used to come down from mountains and sell their goods. Till date this Souq acts as a central market hub. You will get traditional and local wares and spices. Head here early as the day progresses, it can get very crowded and sometimes they might even close the market. Usual timings of the market is from 6 am to 1 pm and sometimes they reopen from 4 pm to 8 pm.


Beautiful middle eastern pottery
Artisan Lamps

Date sampling – Fresh to dry dates, Nizwa is a treat for tourists who love dates. Date farmers and vendors are all around and some of them speak English and will explain to you how they grow and trade dates. Best had with Omani coffee or Khawah.

Nizwa Fort – Nizwa fort dates back to 15th century and held the primary position of power. It is an excellent example of Omani architecture. Climb the largest tower to get the beautiful view of the city. Fort is open from 6 am to 4 pm and on Friday it’s only open until 1 pm.


Nizwa livestock market – If you happened to visit Nizwa on a Friday. You will find this right at the entrance of Souq. It is very lively and chaotic place. You will get a glimpse of old trade traditions of Oman.

Try the local food – lamb and beef Kebabs with garlic sauce, wrapped in khubs is a treat to your tongue. There are plenty coffee shops which serve these delicious Omani food all around Nizwa. Do not forget to try the local food.

Walk around the old city to get a beautiful feel of the middle east. It feels like you are taken straight to fictional Arabian Nights. A few kilometers from the old city and market you find this beautiful Nizwa Mosque. Standing in between the mountains, take a look at this beauty.

This is what we think could be a perfect itinerary for a day trip in Nizwa. But there are plenty other places around Nizwa. We will cover them over time in our blog.

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Thank you for stopping by πŸ™‚ We hope Nizwa will be on your list when you travel Oman.

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